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Offering Wipe-Down and Misting Services to Local First Responders

Being involved in the community where we live and work means that we care! SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance & Granville Counties is proud to honor and serve those Everyday Heroes in our town - First Responders!

Recently, our staff went out to the Franklinton Police Department in Franklinton, North Carolina, to offer towel wipe-down and anti-microbial misting throughout first response vehicles. Police Cars, Fire Trucks and EMS Ambulances were included! We are grateful for their work, and we are proud to be the #TeamBehindTheClean during these uncertain times in our community.

We're Here For You

What felt like a simple, small water leak to this homeowner, turned into a much larger issue when the duplex neighbor was affected and asbestos was found in layers of flooring and drywall. SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance & Granville Counties walked alongside this Vance County homeowner every step of the way to get her Raleigh, NC property ready for rebuild!

When Life Crumbles Around You

When the storm surges, and it feels like your whole life crashes around you, call SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties. We will walk with you closely to make it "Like it never even happened." We're always here to help!

Proud of Our Community

SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties is proud to be members of our three county Chambers of Commerce. Being a part of the community where we work and live is important to us! We love our local businesses!

Save your desk fan for the heat of Spring!

As warmer weather approaches, save your small desk and oscillating fans to keep your family cool. These devices are not designed to help you dry out your home when you have a water damage. Leave the drying to SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties! We're here to help!

Even Small Fires Burn

Even the smallest of kitchen fires can really burn. Your home is important to us, and you can trust SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance & Granville Counties to work hard where the small details matter.

A small kitchen fire may not seem like a lot to handle, but when it comes to the integrity of your home, including walls, cabinets, contents, ceilings, and floors, we want to make sure we've handled all the details for you.

Cleaning, restoring, and repairing is our specialty! We are happy to help, even when the job seems small. Give us a call so we can help you get back in front of the stove. 252-433-0005

Storms in Henderson, NC leave a soggy mess

With all the recent heavy consistent rains, SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance & Granville Counties has been responding to numerous calls for emergency water extraction of ground water in unwanted areas of homes. SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance& Granville Counties is faster to any size disaster!


We always love hearing from our customers, and knowing that we can make a difference in someone's lives, that is such an important part of what we do here at SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties. Our customers are a part of our family and we cherish each new one that comes in to contact with us. Our small-town values and the importance of our community and our involvement within these communities that we serve will always be one of our greatest goals.


We have bee busy after the freezing temperatures and storm events in the Triangle North Counties areas of Franklin, Vance and Granville.  Pipes have been bursting causing down ceiling and insulation and coming through light fixtures. Water has been coming through walls causing damage to flooring and wreaking havoc on buildings. SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance an Granville Counties has been faster to any size disaster to restore the properties back to preloss condition "Like it never even happened." Give us a call to day for all your disaster cleaning needs at 919-339-4848 or 252-433-0005 

Water Damage in Creedmoor, NC

We assisted with a water damage in Creedmoor that affected the entire bathroom. Marble shower and tub had to be pulled out and bathroom gutted. We are now getting ready to remodel. 


We were called out to one of our businesses that needed their ceiling professionally cleaned. This is where scaffolding comes in handy. We were able to clean the ceiling up and make it look new again.

Mold Growth in Virginia

Poor ventilation can result in mold growth just about anywhere, but especially in a bathroom where water is a constant. Make sure that you have proper ventilation when taking showers to avoid mold growth.  SERVPRO of Franklin,Vance and Granville Counties is here to help. Give us a call today at 252-433-0005 or 919-339-4848- we are always here to help!

Kitchen Fire in Henderson, NC

Nobody ever knows when a fire is going to happen and when it does, it is devastating. Call the experts at SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties to assist you and we will help you in your time of need.


We had a very bad storm last week and I was sitting in my office and started hearing drips..... I looked down our hallway and there was water coming out from around one of our light fixtures. I yelled down the hallway, "water damage, call SERVPRO!" Even the experts can have their own water damage!


Mold can be extremely severe when allowed to grow for extended periods of time. This damage resulted from an unoccupied home that suffered a water loss that went undetected for several weeks.

Commercial Work in Scottland Neck, NC

We were called out to do a Commercial Duct cleaning at a local Furniture Store. This was accomplished in one day by 2 of our expert technicians. They were very happy with the results.


One of the most important things about catching a water damage early is the ability to save the carpet. We were able to do this at a home in Virginia after a water damage by lifting the carpet and drying it underneath.


This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Vance County. We were called to the scene to assess damage and begin cleanup. This took several days but we were able to accomplish our goals.


We assisted a Furniture Store in South Hill, Va after a bad Thunderstorm came thru and ripped part of their roof off. They had significant water damage to their furniture and their roof. We tarped their roof until repairs could be done and dried their store out.

Flooding in basement in Oxford, NC

After several days of strong storms and wind whipped rains, this basement received flooding in part of the area that also had carpeting. We were able to dry them out and secure their belongings.

Leaking Roof

This is the damage that one storm caused in a business that suffered from a damaged roof during the storm. We came in and extracted the water and set up drying equipment in several locations.

Flooding in Granville County

Storms hit hard in Granville County and this is the results of those storms in this basement that had to be extracted. We were able to dry it completely and save the contents.

Flooded Basement in Henderson

Torrential rains and heavy storms caused this basement to flood. We had to go in and extract the water and clean up the debris due to all the rain waters that seeped in.

Crawlspace Flooding in Louisburg

This is the results of a water pipe leak that went on for over 3 weeks before it was discovered. Our technicians has to extract over 5 inches of water from the crawlspace.

Water Damage in Youngsville

This beautiful hardwood floor is buckling due to a water damage that went too long before mitigation began. The floor had to be removed and the subfloor had to be dried. 

mold in new structure in Vance County

Even during construction, it is possible for mold growth if the humidity in the structure is too high. That is what happened to this homeowner's new cabinets that were being installed, they already had mold growing on them.

mold in Henderson, NC

This is the results of a hot water heater leak that went several weeks unnoticed due to the house being vacant. Moisture in the walls can lead to mold growth anywhere. 

House Fire in Henderson, NC

Nobody wants to have to deal with something as severe as a house fire, but if that happens to you, call the experts at SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties to take the stress and worry away. We are here to help.

Bathroom Fire

This is the aftermath of a fire that started in a bathroom. There was smoke and soot damage throughout the house and the homeowner was very pleased with how fast we were able to clean up the soot and make their home "Like it never even happened."

Is this Mold?

Mold comes in all shapes and sizes. If you see something growing up from your flooring, you can rest assured, it is not supposed to be there. If you question whether or not it is mold, call us as SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties at 252-433-0005 or 919-339-4848 and let us help you figure out what it is.

Vandalism in South Boston, VA

This was a vandalism where they culprits discharged multiple fire extinguishers throughout a basement of a federal building.  Our technicians with SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties, cleaned all of the residue. The facility head was extremely thrilled with the end result and the fact that she didn't have to clean it her self!

Cleaning grease and nicotine residue from ceiling in Louisburg, NC

This customer called us due to heavy grease and nicotine residue on the ceiling in her kitchen/ dining room. This picture was taken during the project to show the dramatic difference in color of the ceiling. The customer was beyond thrilled with the results because now she didn't need to spend money on painting!

Water damage with hardwood floors in Youngsville, NC

SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties was called to a residence in Youngsville that had a sink to overflow on the second floor through to the crawlspace. The home had hardwood flooring on both floors and we used our mat flooring system to dry the hardwoods in place saving both time and frustrating for this family of 10. We made this disaster "Like it never even happened."


 Our SERVPRO Pee-Wee Basketball team that we sponsored thru the Oxford Parks and Recreation Center in Oxford, NC. They did a fantastic job and we look forward to seeing them in action again this year!

Candle Fire

This is what can happen if you leave a candle burning unattended. SERVPRO of Franklin,Vance and Granville Counties completed the cleaning.This owner had significant smoke and soot damage throughout the home.


SERVPRO of Franklin,Vance and Granville Counties responded to this claim involving water/ mold loss from an on demand water heater left on. We were able to remediate and get things back to the way they were. Call us at 252-433-0005 if you are experiencing mold issues.

Hardwood Drying Lake Gaston

Have wet hardwood floors? Here we are drying hardwood floors with our mat system- at SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties we have the equipment for any size disaster.

Fire damage cleaning in Louisburg, NC

Can you see where SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties test cleaned the walls for clean ability? We can assist with all your cleaning needs and make your home look "Like it never even happened."

Commercial water drying restoration in Vance County, NC

SERVPRO Franklin, Vance and Granville can handle any size job. Here an industrial building which was flooded in Henderson, NC. We received this call in the middle of the night and we were able to deploy our crew fast to this disaster to minimize the water damage and ability to keep the business open and interruptions to their business routine. They were happy to return to normal production so quickly. SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties strives to return the customer or business to normal as quickly as possible. We love making it "Like it never even happened." If your business is need of water, fire, mold restoration or cleaning, please give us a call today at 919-339-4848 or 252-433-0005.  We are always here to help!

Desiccant Dehumidifier for Commercial building

SERVPRO Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties has the ability to get the job done  correctly with the right equipment. Here is  a commercial building water restoration that needed some big size equipment with the desiccant dehumidification and commercial generator in Henderson, NC.  SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties was able to help this business dry their building without the risk for developing mold. Our crews are highly trained and skilled in handling both large and small losses. We are faster to any size disaster. We  constantly train our technicians so they are up to date with the science of drying. If your business needs any of our services or you have any questions, please give our SERPVRO office a call at 252-433-0005 or 919-339-4848.

Commercial Fire Loss

SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties is handling the cleaning needs of a large industrial plant. On this claim we needed the trailer. SERVPRO Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties... Faster to any Size Disaster


SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties has the tools needed to dry out any size disaster! Here we are using specialty equipment to dry behind a large built in cabinet in Creedmoor, NC. When disaster strikes call SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties!