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What's Lurking In Your Duct Lines?

When this homeowner in Boydton, Virginia moved into the older home she purchased, she knew that having her duct work checked for cleaning service was a great st... READ MORE

It's In The Details

Taking care of cleaning needs for our customers, even in the most special of places - like our local churches, is very important to us! Many churches in the are... READ MORE

Cleaning Your Ducts For Fresher Spring Air

It's usually when the warmer weather starts to come along that many of us are ready to get out of the Winter blue funk and make things bright and fresh again in... READ MORE

The Right Kind of Drying

It's never a convenient time to experience a water damage in your home. In the dead of winter, when your HVAC system has also suffered damage and loss, it's imp... READ MORE

More Than Storage

When something tragic happens to your home, we worry that everyone is safe and sound, first and foremost. Then, we work hard to try and salvage what we can of o... READ MORE

When Your Need Work Done That You Can Trust

Finding mold and damage in your crawlspace can feel overwhelming and devastating. The tight spaces, the hidden areas of your home... it can seem like a daunting... READ MORE

Down & Out Basement Troubles

SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance & Granville Counties is proud to serve our local residents in their homes when disaster strikes, even when it feels like the spac... READ MORE

Cleaning of baseboards in a commercial building

In this local commercial building, the maintenance department wanted to get rid of the dirt from the baseboards. Their on-site crew attempted to get things clea... READ MORE

commercial cleaning and building services

Sometimes, the dirtiest jobs call for the best professionals! This local business used their crews to try and fight the unsightly look of their onsite toilets. ... READ MORE


We recently assisted a local company that suffered a sewage backup due to the city, and we went in and cleaned up. This occurred in the basement of the business... READ MORE