Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

commercial cleaning and building services

Sometimes, the dirtiest jobs call for the best professionals! This local business used their crews to try and fight the unsightly look of their onsite toilets. ... READ MORE


During a recent storm, one of our local businesses suffered a tremendous loss. Their roof was torn off due to the high winds and the heavy rains caused their ce... READ MORE


We were recently contacted by a couple who purchased an existing building where they are planning on opening up a new Restaurant in Warrenton, NC. When they sta... READ MORE

Apartment Water Extraction after a fire Vance County, NC

This water damage was sustained from a fire in one of the apartments within the apartment building complex. This fire happened due a cooking incident in one of ... READ MORE

Auto Body Shop Specialty Cleaning

A local auto body shop wanted to paint the ceiling in there production area after years of dirt and grime build up. The painter stated that the ceiling would ha... READ MORE

Vandalism clean up in south Boston, VA

These are pictures of before and after cleaning of a federal building in South Boston, VA where vandals broke in and discharged several fire extinguishers thro... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Rental Property Henderson, NC

This was a grease fire in Henderson, NC. There was heavy soot throughout the area. Our technicians with SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties had t... READ MORE