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Help! Someone in My Family is a Hoarder!

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

Help someone in my family is a hoarder! SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties can help in hoarder homes. Hoarding can become a serious health issue as a family member may become less able to take care of themselves.

SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville Counties has experience first hand  in many homes in our surround areas where water and fire damages have taken over personal belongings. We have been diligent to organize all the items. We have the capabilities to take pictures of all contents, inventory it, and place them in labeled boxes.

Using our organized system, we are then able to hand the detailed content list to the customer so they know exactly where all the items are. This has can help allow your family member to feel like they still have their belongings, but have it in an organized way.

SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville can think out the box to come with a mutual solution with you, as our customer, and the family member or loved one that you're extending a helping hand to. Call us today at 252-433-0005 or 919-339-4848! We are happy to assist you!

We Clean Ducts

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

We are always here to help keep the air you breathe clean and safe!

We clean ducts! With Spring on its way to us here in beautiful Vance County, North Carolina, your indoor air ducts may need a good Spring Cleaning. Whether its your office or your home,  you can call SERVPRO of Franklin, Vance and Granville at 252-433-0005 to schedule an air duct inspection to determine if your duct work needs cleaning. Keep those dust particles and other possible contaminants out of your fresh air!

Bringing in SERVPRO for your air duct cleaning can extend the life of your units, allow you to breathe easier in your home, and help to decrease the amount of dust and odor particles circulating in your home.

Call us at 252-433-0005 or 919-339-4848. We are happy to help! 


10/26/2017 (Permalink)

Odor removal is arguably one of the trickiest elements of the restoration process. Most damage is visible to the eye, and when it’s properly remediated, there is no argument the job is done. Odors, however, are very psychological in nature. As humans, we often associate smells with memories. That means before someone even enters their grandparents’ home, they may have the sweet smell of pipe tobacco embedded in their memory, and the moment they step into that home, they smell pipe tobacco, whether the smell is there or not.

When dealing with odors, there are 3 things that should always be remembered.

Do minimize the influence of psychological odors, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Ask them questions about the loss – and use that to help determine what odors they likely consider bad odors. Remember, odor is subjective. What might smell wonderful for some people might smell terrible to another. House fire victims may have at one point loved the smell of a bonfire, but may find that same smell nauseating after the loss.
  2. Minimize exposure – start the odor removal process right away, and keep the owners out of the home as much as possible to help keep that smell from becoming embedded in their brain when they look at their living room.
  3. Be kind – this can be hard when they smell something you don’t. But you need to trust them, and do what you can to eliminate even “phantom” odors.

Remember, communication is key in any restoration job, whether odor is involved or not. The more you communicate with the customer from the beginning about the restoration process, including what you do to thoroughly remove odors, the more they will trust that the job is getting done right from the very start.